8 Wisdom Arts


Get Clear

  • Know who you are as a leader
  • Define your values and motivations
  • Discover blocks and blindspots
  • Lead from strengths

Influence Everyone

  • Know how you are perceived
  • Elicit trust and confidence
  • Foster collaboration
  • Be a leader who inspires followers

Engage and Mobilize the Troops

  • Energize performance
  • Solve conflicts within teams
  • Get everyone committed to your vision
  • Provide what’s missing

Innovate and Create

  • Build from the future
  • Have extraordinary courage
  • Take calculated and artful risks
  • Use intuition and intellect for success

Avoid overwhelm at all costs

  • Streamline your execution
  • Work on what matters
  • Master true delegation
  • Take care of your personal life

Communicate Authentically

  • Think comprehensively
  • Speak simply and powerfully
  • Be a problem solver
  • Be grounded in reality of your business

Create a Culture of Success

  • Be a values driven culture
  • Make people excited to come to work
  • Give balance
  • Provide real fulfillment for you and staff

Provide a service to the world

  • Give employees a sense of purpose
  • Know your branding and it’s power
  • Create a future strategy that includes giving back

“The only real valuable thing is intuition”