what we do


available in the greater los angeles area and around the globe.

executive and leadership advisement

  • private, confidential sessions to move you forward
  • tackle what’s important for you or your business
  • assess strengths, overcome individual blocks and blindspots
  • schedule around your busy schedule, sessions by phone
  • get grounded in reality, yet focused on the future

business consultation and strengthening

  • create a visionary yet practical roadmap
  • evaluate and shift culture
  • develop leadership skill sets
  • organizational development
  • retention and productivity
  • project assessment
  • project management and resources

in-house workshops, custom designed for your business

  • management skills
  • team building
  • creativity and innovation
  • communication
  • building process that works
  • conflict resolution
  • transitions

offsite deep dives around what matters most

  • disrupt habitual patterns and create headspace
  • establish values and purpose
  • the true tenets of leadership
  • talent development
  • service of your customer
  • artful risk-taking
  • build instinct and intuition

I don’t take clients unless I truly know I can help them.

37 toolkits are offered as a part of the coaching and consultation process, including the profile XT and the Leadership Dashboard