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Available Globally


One on One Advisement and Consultation:

For Executive Leaders,
Entrepreneurs, and Creators

Customized sessions to create what moves you forward

  • Tackle what’s important now and develop roadmap for the future
  • Assess strengths, overcome blocks and blind spots
  • Establish and articulate the impact you wish to make
  • Build leadership skills, culture, teams
  • Promote effective structures and process for innovation/risk assessment
  • Master emotional intelligence/people inspiration and retention/communication strategies
  • Design artful structure and calendar, to fit it all in

Visionaries Master Group:

For Executive Leaders,
Entrepreneurs, and Creators

Join a like-minded group for leadership coaching , innovative practices,  and community support for those who choose to be conscious

  • Participate in 90 minutes of group coaching, 2x per month
  • Listen and learn while your peers uncover issues and overcome obstacles
  • Collaborate within the group for business and life skill practices
  • Get one on one coaching by signing up in advance of the call
  • Develop partnerships and friendships with an elite level of participants
  • Stay up to date with business and entrepreneurial trends, tools, and advice
  • Garner inspiration and wisdom by getting real, 100% authenticity required

Intuition: Goal Setting for Visionaries

For Everyone

Enroll in this course to master your intuition as a guide for setting vision and goals that are meaningful to you.

  • Learn to build your intuition from the ground up as a masterful guide for your life
  • Dream big in ways without intimidation or limits
  • Choose feelings that support you on your journey toward achieving your goals
  • Incorporate your innate skills to artfully execute the goals you choose
  • Choose what is most important to you, NOW.  Narrow your goals to achieve these this year.
  • Understand self-discipline as the ultimate means of self care, being a ‘disciple unto one’s self’
  • Use the skills learned in this course to follow the promptings of your heart

I don’t take clients unless I truly know I can help them.