• I came to Cheryl looking for clarity.
    I found myself at a crossroads in my career and needed to parse through a number of considerations to arrive at a clear path to a more fulfilling professional life. At first, I went into the process skeptical that anyone other than myself was going to be able to help me. But I quickly learned that the tools Cheryl used empowered me to really dig deep and uncover the underlying formula for my own definition of success.
    Her unique method of helping, listening, guiding, validating, challenging and enabling this process was a true partnership.
    She was truly invested in my journey as much as I was, and made sure every step of the way to focus on achieving my desired outcomes.
    If you are thinking about engaging Cheryl’s help, don’t hesitate. Just make the commitment and you will undoubtedly get hers in return.

    M.W.Marketing Director
  • Cheryl is a guiding light!
    Needless to say, when I first started down this journey I could not figure out where or how to start.
    Cheryl listened attentively and then focused my attention.
    The confidence that this simple act has instilled in our endeavor is immeasurable. Just chat with her for 5 minutes and you’ll understand.
    Her knowledge and passion (and personality!) simply usurps and vanishes doubt.

    E.Z.B.FVP, Operations
  • I feel truly fortunate to have worked with Cheryl.
    Her guidance helped me clearly identify both short and long-term goals, and actionable steps to achieve them.
    Her tremendous creativity, intelligence, and experience helped conquer any emotional and mental hurdles along the way.
    The tools I learned through working with her went well beyond my expectations and affected the way I approach several other facets of my life as well.
    I couldn’t imagine working with anyone better, and I am grateful that I made the decision to work with her.

    A.K.Editor and Motion Graphics Artist
  • Cheryl was an amazing find.
    At a time when I needed to make sense of the new job landscape, Cheryl helped chunk it down to a meaningful and clear journey.
    She has a way of seeing more than just facts, but turning those facts into soulful signposts that help direct you.
    I highly recommend working with Cheryl to understand your past, present and future contributions and use them to apply to your employment journey.
    I am very grateful for her mentorship.

    T.G.Creative Director/Creative Services
  • Cheryl helped me concisely articulate what I intuitively knew were my strengths and what my path should be.
    She dissects your questions from a high level executive approach and was invaluable to me in deciding my future career path.

    E. R.Associate VP of Quality Management, Adjunct Professor USC School of Executive Healthcare Management
  • Cheryl has amazing insight and clarity.
    Cheryl was instrumental to me during a career transition.
    She was able to guide me through a tumultuous time in my career by giving me feedback and tools that propelled me forward.
    I am grateful to Cheryl for her sage wisdom, her compassion, and her ability to discern what’s needed next.

  • Cheryl can make sense out of chaos.
    When presented with what seem like insurmountable challenges – she always comes back with the most balanced solutions so that all parties involved are appeased and the project can move forward. She asks the right questions and listens closely to the answers before offering her input and her instincts are flawless.
    She has the ability to balance the human needs, without losing sight of the professional end goal. She understands that the people of the company make the company a success.
    She can make anything happen, move any mountain and conquer any obstacle. No challenge is too big for her, she just keeps going until she finds the right angle. She worked with 3 giants in my industry, who all came to think they couldn’t do their job without her.
    Anyone who has the fortune of working with her can consider themselves lucky and with a definite edge over the competition.
    She is one of the gifted ones.

    M.F.Director of Production Finance
  • Cheryl has the formidable superpowers of active listening matted with getting big things done. What this does is generate a field around her where things happen at an accelerated pace. I have seen her pull off all scales of impossible, by bringing together dozens of celebrities for a commercial shoot and organizing private jets to make deadlines, to helping an intern find her true calling in life. Connecting with Cheryl is the sort of rich experience that has a lasting effect on the psyche and I’m grateful for her involvement with my own personal motivations, worldviews and business success.

    S.G.Director / Photographer / Entrepreneur
  • Cheryl’s mentorship is legendary.
    She develops amazing relationships.
    She helped us establish our unique culture.
    Cheryl leads with a combination of directness, common sense, respect, sensitivity, integrity and incredibly high standards.

    D.M.Chief Creative Officer
  • What impresses me most about Cheryl is her way to create whatever she wants or needs in her life professionally and personally, her calm demeanor, her effortless effort, is always an inspiration. She helps build empires and yet keeps a sense of community and a sense of humor, relaxing even the most intense of situations. I value her perspective and counsel whenever I have a big decision to make and her coaching has helped me move forward during challenging times in my life.

    B.C.Business Owner
  • Cheryl’s leadership was one of best thing to happen to my professional life!
    Cheryl is a leader, a doer, a problem solver, a listener and a confidant.
    Her years of life and work experience, confidence and honesty combined with her insightful questioning gave me the tools I needed to increase my productivity and look at problem solving in a new way.
    These skills helped me become a manager and valued leader at work.
    I have created lasting partnerships at work and also in my personal life that would not have been possible without the motivation, guidance and support i received from Cheryl.

    E.B.Head of Production
  • Cheryl has a very neutral and grounded approach and is really good at seeing all sides of a situation. She understand the need for a balanced life and helped me navigate many a difficult situation.

    B.B.Executive Producer
  • I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Cheryl for fifteen years, professionally and personally. She is one of the most capable and compassionate executives
    I’ve ever met. I have always admired the balance Cheryl has achieved in her life, and I have benefited personally from Cheryl’s insights, which she
    has generously shared with me. Cheryl’s coaching is a great asset to anyone striving to create a better life.

    A.G.Executive Producer
  • Cheryl has the ability to step back, quickly assess a situation, come up with a strategic plan of action, all with calm and grace, even when under fire.

    P.E.Music Industry Executive
  • Inspirational and full of great ideas. i’ve always found Cheryl to be the force of energy that charges everyone else around her.

    A.J.Business Owner
  • Cheryl Childers is an amazing soul. She is bright, intuitive, and thinks way outside the box. In the 20+ years I have know Cheryl, she continues to inspire and surprise me. She is always up to a new adventure. She has a non-conventional wisdom that allows her to move through obstacles and simply make things happen. Cheryl’s coaching has helped me during challenging times in my career as a musician and a mom, and also in my quest for deeper spirituality. Later in my career, when I decided to become a small business owner and a teacher, Cheryl’s guidance and support boosted my self-confidence and provided a new & bigger perspective. I’m happier now than ever, and I love running my yoga business and teaching others.

    P.S.Business Owner
  • Cheryl is absolutely extraordinary.. She taught me that nothing is out of reach so long as you have the gusto to go after it. She also allowed me to acknowledge more of who I was and to be able to communicate more freely then I had in years! I am blessed to know her!

    T.M.Exec Assistant